April 22

Rhubarb crumble

Thank you Dave for your lovely rhubarb – I hope you enjoyed your crumbles!

I normally make the crumble topping using a ratio of flour (6) : butter/fat (3) : sugar (2) so I can adjust the overall quantity needed for each batch.

For example, I would use:

1) 120 grams of flour, 60 grams of butter or fat and 40 grams of sugar, or

2) 150 grams of flour, 75 grams of butter/fat and 50 grams of sugar

Happy crumbling!

About the author 

Helen J

I'm an enthusiastic, but currently inexperienced gardener trying to keep an allotment for the first time. I'm hoping to grow some lovely veggies throughout the year and will share my progress and learnings.