May 17

How I planted the tomatoes into grow bags

I have used “Big Tom” tomato grow bags because they have space for three plants (my father-in-law always used them, and he knew what he was doing!)

The green watering device allows the tomato plants to be placed in the top part, giving their roots more space to grow down and into the compose in the grow bag at the bottom.

The black metal supports were placed under the grow bag, then squeezed together at the top until they overlapped to make space for a bamboo cane to pass through.

As the plants grow, I will need to tie them to the canes to ensure they are well supported.

Here are Amazon links to the items I used in case you would like to see more information:

Metal grow bag cane support

Tomato watering pots

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Helen J

I'm an enthusiastic, but currently inexperienced gardener trying to keep an allotment for the first time. I'm hoping to grow some lovely veggies throughout the year and will share my progress and learnings.