June 18

Creating a new flowerbed

I have had a collection of untidy plants in flower pots for ages – waiting for time (and the inclination) to do something more creative with them.

The ground was very compacted and full of rubble and rocks from some building work completed a couple of years ago. I ended up breaking it up and sieving it to remove the larger rocks and adding some good compost to try to improve the soil.

By creating the flowerbed, I have been able to properly look after the plants- some of which are significant. Several plants have been given to me over the years, and the lilly originated in my Grandmas garden in Norfolk. Mum managed to get hers well established a long time ago, and has given me several pieces over the years to replace ones that I lost. Hopefully now, my lilly will do well and I won’t kill it off again!

About the author 

Helen J

I'm an enthusiastic, but currently inexperienced gardener trying to keep an allotment for the first time. I'm hoping to grow some lovely veggies throughout the year and will share my progress and learnings.