I help novice Gardeners achieve growing success.

I've always loved being outdoors, and have attempted to grow plants and vegetables in my back garden for a few years now. For the first time, I have an actual allotment so am sharing my journey as I scale up my efforts.

Getting Started

Sometimes the best way is to just jump straight in and get started! I often say "I'd be unstoppable, if only I could get started"! So don't put it off any longer! If the weather is poor - plant seeds indoors. 

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Our Story

As a first time allotment owner, Helen is keen to share her successes and how she overcomes problems so others may learn from her experience.

The allotment was previously managed by an absolute expert, her father-in-law who sadly passed away in early 2023, before he could pass on his knowledge.

She plans to share her journey of discovery to not only help others, but also as a tribute to Barry. He kept the most pristine allotment, and although Helen's spirit is very willing, she currently has more of a haphazard approach to planting! Still, she very much hopes that the end result will be the same - lots of delicious home-grown produce!